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September 21st is my one year with my boyfriend. We argue a lot, never fight, just argue. Him and this one girl Jessica broke up June last year I think. The entire time we’ve been dating, they’ve been talking. I have tried to not seem like the overly obsessed girlfriend and make them stop since he claims he has no feelings for her. What I’ve always had to try the hardest to be calm with, is that he has made me delete and block and completely ignore any guy except him. While he’s texting and on the phone with his ex-girlfriend, calling her Jess, talking about old times, being best friends, I’m in my room bawling my eyes out because I know she misses him. I can’t tell if he feels the same. He finally got in his right mind to block her after I yelled at him because of how much it hurt. Not even 10 minutes after he blocks her on Facebook, she texts him about it. Facebook doesn’t tell you if someone blocks you. This means she’s been constantly creeping on his page. He ignored her text, telling me they’re done and he’s not going to talk to her anymore. Then, the next day comes, and of course, she texts him again. This time, furious. She’s mad that he cares about me more than he does talking to her. Of course he should!!!!! So she yells at him and cusses him out. I’m hoping she’s completely gone, but of course not. I see her everywhere; getting off the bus, getting on the bus, in the bathrooms, during lunch – we don’t even have the same lunch – walking through the halls, everywhere. I would just love for her to be gone. Everyone seems to hate my relationship and I have no idea why. Being a freshman in high school……sucks. Any advice?