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Today is Friday. The first weekend of my freshman year. Everything is falling apart, yet nothing is at the same time. I haven’t spoken to my sister in over two months. My parents yell at me for no reason. I have piles and piles of homework. I feel so overwhelmed. Since the beginning of summer, I’ve lost 5-10 pounds. It may not seem like that much, but I’m only 14, 5’1, and now 95lbs. I’m underweight. I only  eat about 1 meals worth of food per day. I wish I could eat, but it hurts to eat…just as much as not eating hurts. I have three people. I have three loves. Dylon, my prince of a boyfriend. On September 21st, we will be celebrating our one year. He is the center of my attention, the source of my happiness. It may seem crazy, or even idiotic to hear a 14 year old saying this, but I truly couldn’t say it’s not true. Hannah. My kindergarten best friend. My freshman best friend. Many times we have grown apart, but we always rekindle our friendship…always close the distance between us. Cheyenne. We met in sixth grade, it was hard not to talk when we had 5 out of 7 classes together. We’ve become close and stayed close. We never really fade. She’s just always there. So are the other two. What’s the best about the four of us is that we all accept each other. The girls approve of my boyfriend and vise versa. Two blonde besties and a brunette boyfriend to match the brown haired, brown eyed girl with a trouble life. Cheers to our group ❤