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So, in second grade I met this girl named Chelsea. We were closer than you could imagine 8 year old girls being. We had sleepovers every weekend, we gossiped about boys, I even helped her get her first boyfriend in SECOND GRADE, insanity. That’s just how close we were. Despite the fact that personality wise, we were polar opposites, we loved each other in the way only young girls can. In December of sixth grade, she told me that I was too mean of a person and that she wasn’t going to be my friend, or talk to me anymore. I was heartbroken and crying when she had TEXTED me telling me all this. We spent the last half of sixth grade and the full seventh and eighth grade years avoiding each other at all costs. Now halfway through the summer before ninth grade, I have to speak to her. My friend its moving 800 miles away so I’m going to throw her a surprise goodbye party. Of course, I can’t control who she’s friends with. She’s friends with Chelsea. So, in an attempt to make this the best party for my friend…I invited her. Now were texting like old times when we would plan our sleepovers. I have so many mixed feelings right now. The thing that’s getting into my head the most, is that she knew who texted her. She never deleted my number, I never deleted hers. Have we been avoiding each other these last few years….For no reason?