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My parents got divorced when I was two, at least that’s what I’m told. After the divorce, Mom once tried to take me from Dad’s house. The police had got involved and they went into court. Since then, Mom has had custody of my 17 year old sister and I on weekends, Dad had the weekdays. Mom started dating again. She had another baby, Joehanna, who we call Hanna. She never married the guy, less than a year after the baby was born they broke up. I remember him stalking Mom for a while… He has always scared me. I think quite a while after this happened, Mom and Dad dated for a little, but once again, it didn’t work. A few years back, I remember dad telling my older sister that mom kept asking him to get remarried, he would say no. Mom acts like everything is fine between her and Dad. However, she sleeps on the couch and has no way to get into our house. (I live with Dad) Mom has her own house that she does use, I think she might rent it out. Her house is used when nobody is at Dad’s house to let her in, when she comes home too late from going to bingo or Biloxi, or when her and Dad fight. Mother is the most bipolar and confusing woman I know. She’s been a cook at the same place for about 8 years. Father retired from the air force and is a very well known person…on our air force base. Dad makes enough money that we can live in a decent house and have 80% of the things my sister and I want. Mom and Dad’s relationship is very odd. Sometimes, they will sleep in the same bed. They’ll kiss on the lips and occasionally (Valentines Day) they’ll go out to dinner and a movie. Many people are led to believe my parents aren’t divorced because of this. Dad pays for EVERYTHING. If Mom and I go shopping, she’ll be like “Oh, you can come back here with dad tomorrow so he can buy you what you want.” This bothers me. She bothers me. I don’t really know what I’m supposed to call Mom and Dad’s relationship.